Orca Chief Scratch Lesson

Grade 3 • 30 minutes

Created by Caitlin Davey on 4/12/16


In this lesson students will read the story "the Orca Chief" by Robert Budd and Roy Vickers. Students will identify dialogue within the book to use to create an interactive Scratch story.

Prep Work

  • Read the story Orca Chief as a class *though this lesson can be easily adapted to use another story
  • Students can share computers to look at this program
  • Log into Scratch using a shared login or students individual logins
  • The Scratch project can be found here 

The Lesson

Go to the Scratch project and click see inside

Thumb see inside

Click remix and login to Scratch 

Thumb remix login

Look through the existing dialogue for the orca character 

Thumb whale

Now copy and modify this code to add in dialogue of the fishermen and to extend the dialogue between the characters. 



  • This activity could be an opportunity to make art using aboriginal art making processes. This art could be used as the Scratch sprites within the story
  • This activity could be used to recognize dialogue within a story and how it can be used to forward a narrative 


  • Have students research aboriginal stories and create a Scratch project using a story they have researched 
  • Extend the dialogue beyond talking back and forth to create a movie-like experience of Orca Chief

Suggested Lessons

Intended Province:


  • Subjects:
  • Arts Education
  • Social Studies

Key Curriculum Concepts

  • Aboriginal Arts and Arts Making processes
  • Cultural characteristics and ways of life of local First Peoples

Key Coding Concepts

  • Events
    An event is an action or occurrence that can be handled by computer software. For example clicking a button is an event. For example clicking the green flag in Scratch is an event. 
  • Sequencing
    Sequencing is the order that the instructions are performed in an algorithm 
  • Working with text/sounds