Pixel programming

Grade 4 • 50 minutes

Created by Caitlin Davey on 4/11/16


Students will use post-its to program pixel art. Then they will be able to write their very own pixel programs.

Prep Work

  • Post-its
  • Pixel programming hand out

The Lesson

Lots of small squares together can make up a big picture
If you have time check out this science kids video on pixels


  1. Distribute 2 colour post-its
  2. Have students work in groups through one of the programs
  3. Students will program their post-its left to right from top to bottom
  4. Each row will have a pattern
  5. The pattern is always colour-1 then colour-2
  6. Have students fill in the legend at the top of their sheets so are clear on which post-it is colour-1 and which is colour-2
  7. The pattern is always number of colour-1 then number of colour-2 and so on
  8. Encourage students to check each others work to see if they have any bugs in their program


Answer key to handout: 
Program 1: Arrow
Program 2: The letter A
Program 3: The letter Z 


Have students make their own pixels art then write programs to have other people try out their pixel art download additional materials

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  • Math

Key Curriculum Concepts

  • Math
Mental Math

Key Coding Concepts

A pixel is a teeny-tiny square of colour. The computer uses lots and lots of pixels together to display anything you see on a computer screen. Pixel stands for picture element.
A bug is a mistake or error in a computer program. All programmers can have bugs in their code which is why they have other programmers check it over!